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Grand Forks, Technology Charting new waters

Mike Elliott, owner of Kettle River Canoes in Grand Forks, is charting new waters with what may seem to be a very traditional skill--restoring wood and canvas canoes.

by Shella Gardezi
Grand Forks, Retail Grand Forks business dives into new locale

Residents of Grand Forks, B.C., will be pleased to see an expanded new location for their local water company.

Photo of trophies lined up
Grand Forks, Castlegar, Environment FortisBC recognizes two Kootenay customers’ commitment to conservation

Every year, FortisBC like to acknowledge customers that are doing great things to conserve energy and become sustainable. In 2011, it gave out awards.

Photo of Chris-Anne and Lawrence Gilmore
Grand Forks Chris-Anne and Lawrence Gilmore

For Chris-Anne and Lawrence Gilmore, work is all about getting to do the fun stuff.

by Richard Finnigan
Photo of Doug McMynn
Grand Forks Doug McMynn

Saving his town's sawmill was just something that Doug McMynn saw needed to be done.

by Richard Finnigan
Photo of Kris Hockley
Grand Forks, Retail The view from the Crow’s Nest

Kris Hockley presents striking images through her photography business, Crow’s Nest Photography, located near Grand Forks, B.C.

by Richard Finnigan
Photo of Elyssa and Ken Starchuk and Alvin Heinrich
Grand Forks, Retail A happy obsession

Kootenay Car Care, owned by Ken Starchuk, is a 2011 Best of Business award winner.

by Richard Finnigan
Photo of Candice Becker
Grand Forks, Retail A clear vision

It’s environmentally friendly, reduces air conditioning and heating costs, and reduces temperatures substantially, said new entrepreneur Candice Becker, sole proprietor of Dark Side Window Tinting in Grand Forks.

by Richard Finnigan
Photo of Andrea and Neil Krog
Grand Forks, Cuisine Bent, twisted and tasty

A former mayor of Grand Forks and his wife stir the pot with two distinctive food-related businesses.

by Richard Finnigan
Photo of Erika Domeij
Grand Forks Communicating good news to the Boundary region

In one year, Erika Domeij has nearly doubled the number of pages in The Boundary Communicator.

by Richard Finnigan
Grand Forks Pedal to the metal

WD Sheet Metal has spent nearly two decades providing a wide variety of services, including heating, ventilation, cooling systems and more.

by Glynis Fediuk
Photo of Leigh Starchuk, Greg Starchuk and Ken Andrews
Grand Forks, Retail Taking time to help

Tool Time Supplies, a family-run business in Grand Forks, B.C., provides good old-fashioned advice along with service and rentals.

by Richard Finnigan
Two ladies standing side by side with paperwork in their hands
Grand Forks New Chamber takes a regional approach

The business communities in Boundary Country embrace economic diversity and have banded together under one chamber.

by Richard Finnigan
Photo of Brian
Grand Forks, Mining The gold in Griz

If you are familiar with the movie Field of Dreams, then you are aware of the whispering tells Kevin Kostner’s character build it and they will come.

by Dan Williams
Grand Forks, Health & Wellness Go for a spin

Kristy Keus is the new owner of Kootenay Cycling in Castlegar, B.C.

Grand Forks, Health & Wellness Get right to the point

Beverly Osachoff caters to people from all walks of life at her business, Yaletown Acupuncture.

Grand Forks, Mining Second time’s the charm?

Open Gold Corp is drilling for minerals in the Boundary region outside Grand Forks, hoping to replicate success of the Phoenix Mine.

by Trevor Crawley
Grand Forks, Developments, Forestry Hope for the future

The Midway sawmill reopens in the B.C. Interior, promising to create jobs and bring economic benefits to the region.

by Trevor Crawley
Grand Forks, Developments, Forestry From the ashes of the Pope and Talbot shutdown comes the opening of the sawmill at Midway

On Saturday, April 9th the Minister of Forests and MLA John Slater will be cutting the ribbon between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. at the Midway Mill site.

Grand Forks Leaps and bounds

Granby Dance Studio in Grand Forks, British Columbia, gives students a chance to broaden their horizons.

Grand Forks Rollin’ and repairin’

Jim Hartley has opened ProMobile Mechanics in Grand Forks, B.C.

Grand Forks A taste of home

Jogas Espresso Café in Grand Forks is a delightful eatery and coffee bar with a twist.

Photo of Tammy Darough and Scott Moorey
Grand Forks, Castlegar, Nelson, New Denver, Rossland, Trail Insuring a future for the West Kootenay

In December of 2010, it was announced that a merger would take place between independent insurance providers, RHC Insurance Brokers Ltd. and Anderson Insurance.

Grand Forks The art of running a good business

Art Stavenjord, the CFO of Unifab Industries Ltd., is a successful businessman in Grand Forks for more than 50 years.

by Kali Love
Elkford, Grand Forks, Developments Well-irrigated

Community course Mountain Meadows Golf Club is a beloved tradition for residents of Elkford as well as visitors.

by Joni Krats
Jacki Cammidge kneeling beside a garden
Grand Forks In touch with the earth

Jacki Cammidge runs a company called Drought Smart Plants, supplying other botanical enthusiasts with an impressive array of succulent and rare plants.

Grand Forks, Mining Double the prospects

Wolf Wiese, the CEO of Golden Dawn Minerals Inc., with the help of his adviser, Stewart Jackson, may have made a golden discovery.

by Kali Love
Photo of Mike Elliott working on a wooden canoe paddle with wood canoes behind
Grand Forks Mike Elliott

There can be no doubt that those who love what they do are among the luckiest people around, and Mike Elliott, owner of Kettle River Canoes, qualifies.

by Tanya Laing Gahr
Grand Forks, Developments Trailblazing through town

A series of proposed trails would connect facilities in Grand Forks.

by Glynis Fediuk
Grand Forks The valley of plenty

Agriculture and food production is becoming a more important part of Grand Forks’ economy and business development plans.

by Tanya Lang Gahr
Grand Forks Pet food is just the beginning

Nick’s Feed Centre dishes out everything from advice to supplies.

by Glynis Fediuk

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