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Wayne Postnikoff

Wayne Postnikoff is the general manager of Eagle Homes in Castlegar. — Photo courtesy Wayne Postnikoff.

Wayne Postnikoff is the general manager of Eagle Homes in Castlegar. In his younger years he never envisioned himself selling homes. Now that he’s been doing it for over two decades, he couldn’t be happier.

What led you to become involved in this line of work?

It’s not something that I originally anticipated I’d be in. I was just over 20 years old at the time, I came to a sales lot here in Castlegar and I was looking for investments. I was looking at buying used houses. This one gentleman said, ‘Hey would you like to sell houses?’ and I said, ‘Nope.’ Over time he asked me again: ‘I really need somebody, would you mind filling in?’ Lo and behold, I’ve been doing this 20-some-odd years now. I started back in ’93-’94. I truly enjoy it. I like to help people.

What’s a recent trend in your business that you are excited about?

The newest trend is how . . . these homes are built. These B.C.-built products are built just as well as site-built homes, if not better. The other biggest thing is that now through the province of B.C. our modular homes are recognized as site-built homes for when it comes to building permit usages. That’s a huge step in the industry.

What is your passion outside of work?

Family is first and foremost. Chillin’ around the yard. This might sound corny, but gardening, yard work, construction—I love to build. Golfing, cross-country skiing—outdoor activities.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

When you see the joy of the people who appreciate their hard work and our hard work. It’s teamwork—a mix of everything that we’re able to offer here at Eagle Homes. Without our whole team we wouldn’t be on top. Seeing the joy of the people that are living in their home or you give them that handshake, never mind the hugs and kisses that you get, I think that’s the best thing out there.

What’s the best compliment your business has received?

The parties that these people want to put on for us totally blow me away. That’s something that I’d never expect. Special invites for myself and an assistant to come out for an open house just for us. To sit down with them and discuss their house. I think it’s awesome. I really do.

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