Paying it forward

Garden of Eden Vegan Organics is a breath of fresh air in the Trail community


Catherine Manna-Taylor has a passion for her work. She is the owner of Garden of Eden Vegan Organics in Trail, where she offers merchandise with a conscience. In addition to selling flowers and gifts, (she has been creating professional flower arrangements with the FTD floral company since the 1970s), she also carries fair trade clothing, vegan products, health literature, organic supplements and other merchandise. She is a regular fixture at the Trail farmer's markets, offering both quality products and her enthusiastic insights into health, spirituality and life in general.

Manna-Taylor prides herself on her company's strong ethical stance, and she deals with suppliers that reflect her own morals. She sells Sacred Threads clothing from India,  gluten-free bread, soaps and bath bombs from Rustic Rootz, Raw living food snacks and more.

"It's not about the money, it's about being the change and making a difference," said Manna-Taylor. "Be the change you wish to see in this world, its starts with you . . . our health should be the number one priority, you cannot buy your health—but you can eat your way to good health with the proper applied knowledge."

Take it from one who knows

Manna-Taylor's wisdom comes from personal experience. Having struggled with health concerns herself, she was motivated to revamp her lifestyle and change the way she nourishes her body. For her, the choice to go vegan and pursue a raw food diet was the way to go, and it greatly improved both her physical health and her overall wellbeing. She now takes the knowledge she has gleaned from her own journey, and shares it positively with others.

"Being positive and surrounding yourself with beauty that is found in nature, flowers, trees, relaxing music, good people and laughter is good for the whole soul," she said, "and the food is another important, vital part of this healing process."

If you stop by Garden of Eden on Mondays between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., you can get in on Meatless Mondays, an event that Manna-Taylor has organized. She gives out free veggie dogs fresh off the barbecue, as a gesture of encouragement to those interested in pursuing a meat-free diet. 

The store is located at 1438 McQuarrie Street, Trail, B.C., and can be reached by phone at 250-364-5678 or on the company Facebook page.

Danielle Cameron

Danielle Cameron is a writer and web editor for several publications and has been practising as a Certified Herbal Practitioner since 2005. View all of Danielle Cameron’s articles

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