Say it with flowers . . . sustainable local ones from flower farms in the Kootenays

Looking for beautiful blooms? Flower farmers across the Kootenays grow a colourful array of flowers for all occasions

by Julie Matchett and Virginia Rasch
Owners of Stone Meadows Gardens riding bikes and carrying flowers.

Over 100 varieties of dahlias are grown at Stone Meadow Gardens in Castlegar, owned by Sarah and Carl Kistner. — Photo courtesy Stone Meadow Gardens Instagram

The language of flowers has changed. You used to simply visit a floral shop and pick out a colourful bouquet that appealed to you. Period.

Now the cut flower industry is full of new terms and concepts to consider, such as:

  • flower miles (like food miles)
  • seed-to-vase movement (like farm-to-fork movement)
  • grown-not-flown flowers
  • slow flower movement, which includes seasonal flowers

Just like in food choices, conscious consumers now want sustainable cut flowers in environmentally friendly bouquets. The best way to find sustainable flowers is to follow the same rule as you would with food—buy local (see sidebar below).

Fortunately, folks in the Kootenays have many flower farms we can support with our flower dollars. To keep your flower miles down, shop for cut flowers at your local Kootenay farmers market or at a farm stand. Here is a list of our Kootenay flower farms, and some of them welcome visitors on site:


Flower farms in Kimberley

Flora Bora Blooms

Flora Bora Blooms specializes in locally-sourced and -grown seasonal blooms. They have a large cut-flower garden and the region’s only flower truck for deliveries.

What they offer: Flora Bora Blooms specializes in creating beautiful floral bouquets for sale and by subscription. They also offer custom arrangements for weddings.

Owner of Flora Bora Blooms and son posed in flower delivery truck.

Look for the Flora Bora Blooms flower delivery truck out-and-about at local farmers markets in the East Kootenay. — Photo courtesy Flora Bora Blooms Facebook page

Where to find their flowers: Flora Bora Blooms can be found at local farmers markets in Kimberley (on Thursdays) and Cranbrook (on Saturdays). Orders can also be placed online via the Flora Bora website and delivered locally. Their studio—The Wall Flower—is located at 369 Spokane Street in Kimberley. It’s best to call ahead and see if they are open.

How to contact them: Flora Bora Blooms can be reached at 250-431-8324 or by email at [email protected].

Ritual Gardens

Ritual Gardens focuses on growing seasonal specialty-cut flowers and textural foliage plants. Environmentally-friendly, sustainable growing practices are a focus of the business. Learn more about this up-and-coming farm and about Petals—the company’s bright yellow flower delivery e-bike—here.

What they offer: Ritual Gardens offers bouquets and subscriptions, peony roots, and flower and vegetable plant starts.

Petals the bright yellow e-bike.

Petals is the bright-yellow e-bike that is used by Ritual Gardens to make flower deliveries in the community of Kimberley. — Photo courtesy Ritual Gardens

Where to find their flowers: Flowers can be ordered online via the Ritual Gardens website with pick-up or delivery available. Look for Petals, the company’s iconic bright yellow e-bike, at the Kimberley Farmers Market and out-and-about around the city of Kimberley.

How to contact them: Ritual Gardens can be reached at 306-230-2747 or by email at [email protected].

Flowers farms in Creston

Brittany’s Flower Farm and Floral Design Studio

This micro flower farm and floral design studio is a mother-and-daughter venture, born from a family passionate about flowers and plants. They grow a large variety of blooms, from old-fashioned favourites like cosmos and sweet peas to showy plants like dahlias. KootenayBiz chatted with the owner of Brittany’s Flower Farm in 2019—read the story here.

What they offer: Brittany’s Flower Farm offers seasonal bouquets and custom-made arrangements for weddings and special occasions. They also offer floral subscriptions and workshops.

Close-up of purple and white bridal bouquet.

Bridal bouquets and beautiful wedding arrangements are available at Brittany's Flower Farm and Floral Design Studio in Creston. — Photo courtesy Brittany’s Flower Farm Facebook

Where to find their flowers: Brittany’s Flower Farm and Floral Design Studio is located at 1132 27th Avenue South in Creston. Their hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Online orders can also be placed via their website. You can also find them at the Creston Valley Farmers Market on Saturdays.

How to contact them: Brittany’s Flower Farm can be reached at 250-260-0352 or by email at [email protected].

Sanctuary Lavender Farm

Interior of Sanctuary Lavender shop, showing bouquets of lavender and artisan crafts and candles.

Find fragrant lavender and artisan products at Modern Alchemy in downtown Creston. The shop is the storefront for Sanctuary Lavender's offerings. — Photo courtesy Sanctuary Lavender Facebook page

Located in the beautiful Creston Valley, the Sanctuary Lavender Farm is dedicated to environmental stewardship and healthy living. Over 700 lavender plants are cultivated on the property, and they have a small plot of land devoted to growing a variety of cut flowers.

What they offer: The Sanctuary Lavender Farm sells fresh bunches of fragrant lavender, home and bath products, candles and gifts.

Where to find their flowers: Sanctuary Lavender Farm products can be purchased online via their website and at select retailers across B.C. and Alberta. Their new retail brick-and-mortar shop is located at 1016 Canyon Street in downtown Creston.

How to contact them: The Sanctuary Lavender Farm can be reached at 604-815-8709 or by email at [email protected].

Flower farms in Edgewater

Columbia Valley Lavender

Columbia Valley Lavender specializes in growing the fragrant purple flowers but also grows a variety of other flowers and fruit. Business is booming for the new flower farm in Edgewater—read our story about how they got their start.

What they offer: Columbia Valley Lavender offers cut-flower sales, subscription bouquets as well as unique events like Lavender Picnics and Lavender Field Yoga. They also sell various products made from lavender.

Where to find their flowers: The Columbia Valley Lavender farm store is located at 5769 Highway 95. It’s stocked with fresh seasonal flowers, artisan crafts and homemade lavender products. Subscription bouquets can be picked up or delivered locally.

How to contact them: Columbia Valley Lavender can be reached at 780-712-2939 or by email at [email protected].

Owners of Columbia Valley Lavender in October family picture.

The Murphy family are the owners of Columbia Valley Lavender in Edgewater. — Photo courtesy Columbia Valley Lavender


Flower farms in Nelson

Dutch Girl Peonies

Situated on a 300-acre farm near the Kootenay River, Dutch Girl Peonies specializes in growing peonies for sale as roots or patio plants and for events such as weddings.

What they offer: Over 70+ varieties of peonies are grown on the Dutch Girl Peony farm. Peonies can be purchased as roots that are shipped in the autumn, as cut flowers for weddings and special occasions, and as potted patio plants.

Where to find their flowers: Potted plant orders must be picked up on the farm, located at 5254 Queen Victoria Road in Beasley (mid-way between Nelson and Crescent Valley). Peony roots and wedding flowers can be picked up or delivered. 

How to contact them: The Dutch Girl Peony Farm can be reached at 250-359-7142 or by email at [email protected].

Rows of peonies

Rows upon rows of an old-fashioned favourite—peonies—are grown at Dutch Girl Peonies near Nelson. — Photo courtesy Dutch Girl Peonies Facebook

Flower farms in New Denver

Silver Sage Flora

The Silver Sage Flora Farm is a family homestead that provides locally grown cut flower bouquets, fresh herbs, dried and wildcrafted botanicals, and artisan crafts.

What they offer: The Silver Sage Flora Farm offers fresh bouquets at the local Friday market in New Denver. Bouquets can also be picked up at the farm if you call ahead. Flower bouquet subscriptions will not be offered for the 2021 season.

Where to find their flowers: Look for the Silver Sage Flora Farm booth at the Friday markets held in New Denver, located at 317 6th Avenue.

How to contact them: The Silver Sage Flora Farm can be reached at 250-358-2169 or by email at [email protected].

Flower farms in the Slocan Valley

Against the Wind Farm & Garden

Against the Wind Farm & Garden is a small, five-acre farmstead located in the fertile Slocan Valley near Winlaw. While they’ve grown many different types of produce and plants over the years, their main focus today is their organic flower fields and blueberries.

What they offer: Against the Wind Farm & Garden sells flowers at their farmgate and by special order. For special orders, please give at least 24 hours notice. The farmgate works on an honour system—please respect this.

Where to find their flowers: The farm stand at Against the Wind farm is located at 6376 Slocan River Road. Their hours are Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Colourful bouquet of flowers.

Brilliant and beautiful blossoms on offer at Hummingbird Farm in the Slocan Valley. Over 300 varieties of flowers are grown on the property. — Photo courtesy Hummingbird Farm Facebook

How to contact them: Against the Wind Farm can be reached at 250-226-7765 or by email at [email protected].

Hummingbird Farm

Hummingbird Farm is a 27-acre farmstead located along the banks of the Slocan River, between Winlaw and Passmore. They grow speciality-cut flowers and fruit and offer wedding packages in the summer months. The farm has been certified organic since 2015.

What they offer: Hummingbird Farm offers specialty-cut bouquets and several different types of floral subscriptions, ranging from 6 to 20 weeks in length. They grow over 300 different varieties of flowers on the farm. Wedding floral designs and arrangements are also available. 

Where to find their flowers: Visit the Hummingbird farm stand at 4380 Slocan River Road. Farmstand hours are Thursday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Their flowers can also be found at the Kootenay Co-op in Nelson. Floral subscriptions can be either picked up at the farm stand or delivered locally.

How to contact them: The Hummingbird Farm can be reached at 250-226-6996 or by email at [email protected].

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