Angela White

This office manager was named 2017 Employee of the Year in the Columbia Valley

Angela White is the office manager for Fairmont Creek Vacation Rentals in Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C.

Angela White is the office manager for Fairmont Creek Vacation Rentals in Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C. — Photo courtesy Angela White

When the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce handed out its Business Excellence Awards in late October, Angela White received the award for 2017 Employee of the Year. For the past five years, White has been the office manager for Fairmont Creek Vacation Rentals in Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C. It’s likely due at least in part to White’s management that Fairmont Creek received the chamber’s 2017 excellence award for tourism/hospitality.

In humble admiration of all employees who make customer service paramount, Kootenay Business magazine has named Angela White to its 2018 list of Top 10 business people.

What special trait or talent do you bring to your job?

I think that listening to my guests and owners, so they know I’ve heard them and respect their needs, is maybe something special that I bring to this business. My emails are really important to me—I respond as quickly as I can because I want people to know we’re here and we’re paying attention.

What bit of advice would you offer to others who are striving to achieve success?

If you are striving to achieve success in any area, including business, a simple rule is, treat others how you’d wish to be treated. Let everyone know they’re important and that you respect their concerns. Listen, and then follow up with action as needed.

What words would you include in your personal definition of success?

I’d have to include respect, compassion, understanding, communication and dedication.

How do you feel about being named Employee of the Year?

It’s humbling to receive this award. I’m always trying to do my job 100 per cent. At the end of the day, when I know that my client is satisfied, when I’ve been able to help them through a difficulty, that’s my reward. It’s great to be acknowledged for something that I feel passionate about—it’s nice to be on the receiving end.

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