Sourdough goodness

Kaslo Sourdough Bakery makes delicious sourdough breads and pasta


Kaslo Sourdough Bakery has been in business since April 1993, under the ownership of Silvio and Gabi Lettrari. Their son Stefan Lettrari has been baking bread with them for the last 10 years. With the development and introduction of their sourdough pasta in 2011, Heidi Lettrari and Heike Lettrari joined the family business. Heidi, the general manager of Kaslo Sourdough, provided Kootenay Business with some information on the bakery’s increasingly popular products.

What’s special about sourdough?

First of all, sourdough products are delicious. As well, the natural fermentation process that takes place in sourdough products creates many health benefits for the consumer: ease of digestion, better nutrient absorption and support for immune function. Natural sourdough products score quite low on the glycemic index, which is a good thing.

Is there science to back up your statement?

We have listed a dozen links on the Kaslo Sourdough website archives, for research papers about the health benefits of sourdough over modern, yeast-only breads. Our wonderful sourdough breads have kept us in business for over 20 years.

Can you tell me a bit about your pasta?

Our pasta product is called Pasta Fermentata, and it is based on our natural sourdough in-house fermentation technology born from our sourdough breads. It cooks a little faster than traditional wheat pasta, it’s delicious and it’s tender and silky in its texture. Even as a leftover, it retains its fresh and tender feel. Also, after a rigorous process of development and testing, all 12 of the pastas produced by Kaslo Sourdough are now non-GMO Project Verified and Certified.

Kaslo Sourdough bread is available in the West Kootenay, and Pasta Fermentata is carried by selected retailers throughout Western Canada.


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