Revelstoke’s reporter

The Revelstoke Times Review continues a 117-year tradition of reporting the community’s news

2014 newspaper lies on a newspaper from 1894

Revelstoke, B.C., has been publishing a newspaper since 1894. — photo courtesy Revelstoke Times Review.

With the January closure of the Kamloops Daily News fresh in our minds, it’s heartening to know that some local newspapers are still going strong.

Revelstoke, B.C., has supported its newspaper since 1894, and the Revelstoke Times Review is the current placeholder in that unbroken line. The Times Review is a weekly newspaper that’s been owned by Black Press since 2003. It employs six people, with some of its staff hours devoted to producing the Arrow Lake News in Nakusp, B.C.

“World and national news is available on TV and online,” said Mavis Cann, publisher of the Times Review, “but we’re the only source for (our local) community news. The news channels pick up our stories and report on the significant ones. There would be huge holes in Canada’s national coverage if we lost our community papers, and we have every intention of being around for a long time to come.”

Cann said the Times Review’s archive contains papers dating back to before the turn of the last century and “it’s pretty cool to see what was news then and to have the actual papers in hand.”

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