New member for Team Cranbrook

Darren Brewer has joined the staff at Cranbrook City Hall as the business development co-ordinator

Darren Brewer has joined the staff at Cranbrook City Hall as the business development co-ordinator. — Marie Milner photo

The City of Cranbrook is serious about economic development, and in mid-March 2019 hired Darren Brewer as its business development co-ordinator. Brewer believes in transparency and the importance of a unified message from the City and its strategic partners. He finds that an “all cards on the table” approach enables all the partners to operate efficiently.

Brewer admires the City's leadership team and shares their dream for the City of Cranbrook. “I worked with Lee Pratt and David Kim in my previous role as a real estate developer,” he said, “and I couldn’t think of a better team to join.”

Marie Milner

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