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Lou Rogers is a chartered accountant and chair of Koocanusa Publications Inc. He obtained his degree as a CA in 1965 and spent the next 25 years in public practice in Cranbrook, B.C., retiring in 1990. 

“I have always been interested in business and have worked at determining why some are successful and others not,” said Rogers. “I have been involved in a number of companies over the years, while I was in public practice as a CA and since.”

Rogers is actively involved in Koocanusa Publications Inc., Kootenay River Ranch Ltd. and Rogers Properties Ltd. He remains a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia.

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“While only 11 per cent of Canadian businesses can be considered truly courageous, nearly half of respondents overall (44 per cent) believed themselves to be courageous organizations.”
Small Business To boldly go . . .

Almost three-quarters of Canadian businesses that were courageous saw revenues rise in 2016.

Chris Sapriken, general manager, stands in front of the Slocan Valley Co-op.
Coaching versus training

Employers would be smart to coach as well as train their employees

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Financial, Small Business Business realities

Recent information from the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses shows some interesting statistics about business owners

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Results from the Business Outlook Survey for British Columbia

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Cranbrook, Financial How to face the unpredictable market

"In a slowing economy, understanding and managing cash flow is of paramount importance."

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Financial Challenging times

How will your business be affected by the spiralling dollar and plummeting oil prices?

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Financial Cautious optimism

New developments in 2014 are expected to improve employment and the economy in the Kootenays

Financial Alert to small business regarding MMBC

How new taxes from Multi Material BC could affect your business.

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Financial B.C. accountants unite

The new CPA designation will mean less confusion for the consumer and accounting students alike.

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Financial That’ll be a penny, please!

The Federal Government will no longer produce pennies, effective February 4, 2013. How will this affect your business?

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Financial Smaller businesses in the lead

As the economic recovery continues, telework is becoming an increasingly popular trend.

Making it all happen

Agility, being tech-savvy and creating a work-life balance are musts in the business world of 2012 and beyond.

Financial The entrepreneurial spirit

I think all of us in business wonder at times what motivates us and how we stack up with our peers.

HST—yes or no?

Perhaps never before have three letters been viewed with such contempt and misunderstanding.

Financial Look beyond the present

Koocanusa Publications chair Lou Rogers presents some statistics from a recent study tabulating the opinions of CEOs and shares some thoughts on why the economic climate for 2011 looks brighter.

Financial Recovery: it’s OK to say the word

Recent surveys are showing that these days, small businesses generally have a cautiously optimistic view of the economic future of Canada and their own organization.