Foxy Alopex Couriers trotting into the Kootenays

Named after the Arctic fox, Alopex Couriers is expanding in our region

Four staff of Alopex Couriers stand in front of one of their fleet vehicles, a black car with the company's name in white letters on the side of the car.

Part of the foxy team (L to R): James Cairns, fleet management; Dale Noseworthy, human resources; Shawn Bateham, CEO/owner; and Greg White, COO — Anji Smith photo

There’s a new fleet of foxy trucks in the Kootenays: white vans with black logos and the name Alopex Couriers. The stylized logo features a fox, and the name comes from the former latin name for Arctic or white fox, Alopex lagopus.

Co-owner Sherill Bateham said her company’s expansion into the Kootenays last year has gone well and is increasing with the construction of a local warehouse.

Why the Kootenay invasion?

“The opportunity arose, and we are not afraid of new challenges,” Sherill said. “When we first expanded into the Kootenays, we received praise as well as criticism. Both have made us better.

“When we receive criticism, it brings us together. The solutions our teams come up with are truly valuable. We are constantly learning and evolving.

“The praise lets us know we are doing a good job. For example; if we get a compliment about a driver, we let that driver know! It gives us the incentive to continue doing what we're doing.”

A white Arctic fox sits in the snow, with the Alopex logo in the top left corner of the photo.

The Arctic fox, formerly known as Alopex lagopus, is the source of the name of Alopex Couriers. — Image courtesy Alopex Couriers

Unpacking the company

Alopex has partnered with Canada Post, UPS and FedEx, and the company has been serving the majority of the Kootenay region since January 2019.

Owned by Sherill and Shawn Bateham, the contract courier company began in Powell River in 2011. The  family-owned business now employs more than 75 people with more hires to come in the Kootenays.

Approximately 30 people will be employed at the Castlegar warehouse, slated to be built in late spring or early summer of 2020. The 10,000-square-foot facility will be located at 4690 14th Avenue.

Alopex trucks in Castlegar are getting loaded up for delivery. Shown are a line of parked trucks and packages on a cart.

Alopex trucks in Castlegar are getting loaded up for delivery. — Sherill Bateham photo

The building will include a high-efficiency conveyor belt system.

“This is our first bricks and mortar in the Kootenays,” said Sherill.

The company’s goal is straightforward: “We aim for exceptional service; we train our drivers to be respectful to the parcels they carry, the customers and each other.”

Virginia Rasch

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