Canal Flats music man

Craig Moritz of Canal Flats is a country singer and an animal rescue advocate

Craig Moritz is a country singer and animal advocate who lives in Canal Flats, B.C.

Craig Moritz is a country singer and animal rescue advocate who lives in Canal Flats, B.C. — Photo courtesy Craig Mortiz

He’s lived in Canal Flats for just two years, but already Craig Moritz is becoming known as an influencer in the community.

Alberta-born Moritz is a professional country singer who fell in love with southeastern B.C.’s Columbia Valley years ago. He and his girlfriend, Jill Hallborg, spent so much recreation time there that they decided to look for a home in the valley. However, properties in the resort communities were just too pricey.

“We’d driven by Canal Flats lots of times, and one day we decided to explore it a little,” Moritz said. “We found this cool little town and we really liked the vibe. I made some calls, and we ended up buying a little place in November 2015.

“We just love the community—it was a great decision. I still love Alberta and Calgary, but I’d never go back to living in a big city again. We have a great community and great neighbours, and there’s so much potential. We try to support whatever is happening, especially anything that involves music and entertainment. I do whatever I can to bring music into the community.”

Craig Moritz and Jill Hallborg organized an event called Flats Fest, which took place in August 2017. — Photo courtesy Craig Mortiz

In August 2017, with the support of Village council, Moritz, Hallborg and the Community Society organized a day-long music event called "Flats Fest." About 500 people attended—that’s about twice the number they anticipated—and plans are already in place for a second annual festival to be held in August 2018.

In addition to his love of music, Moritz has a soft place in his heart for animals. While vacationing in Cuba some years ago, he was saddened to see a large population of homeless, malnourished dogs and cats. In his quest to help them, he learned about an animal welfare organization called CANDi—Cats and Dogs International. CANDi rescues stray animals and runs sterilization clinics for dogs and cats in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Moritz has since volunteered at several of CANDi’s clinics and has become the official campaign spokesperson for the organization.

Craig Moritz is a spokesperson and volunteer for Cats & Dogs International, an international animal welfare group. — Photo courtesy Craig Mortiz

“I ended up rescuing a few animals, and fostering some who became permanent fixtures in my home,” Moritz said. “I did several clinics with that organization and I learned a lot. It gave me a stronger attachment to animals in general.”

Moritz’s talent and compassion are having a positive influence in Canal Flats and the world beyond the Columbia Valley.

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