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What Kootenay business people are reading

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What are Kootenay business people reading? — Photo courtesy yacobchuk/istock/thinkstock

What is the go-to source for business people of the Kootenays when it comes to reading material? Do they go to blogs or podcasts for their source material or stick with magazines and books? Do they sit and read a traditional book for pleasure, or do they mostly read work-related material?  We asked a few business people throughout the Kootenays what they are reading, and here is what they told us.

Lindsay Reynolds, Three Sisters Day Spa, Fernie:

What book/podcast/blog do you recommend?

I follow so many of them. One in Fernie that I really respect would be the owner of Freya  (www.freyalifestylefashion.com). She has a blog and it gives you ideas of how to get yourself out there. Same with Decoro (http://decoroportraits.com)  in town. Those kind of blogs are really fun to follow just to get ideas of how to reach clients.

Ryan Haynes, Mountainside Markets, Invermere:

Is there a book or podcast or other source of guidance that you can recommend?

Having a conversation, and most importantly, listening, is often the best tool to learn and chart a course.  Networking and reaching out to successful business people, professionals and experts in business specifics will give you good information.

Ted Murrell, Save-On-Foods, Nelson:

Is there a book or podcast or other source of guidance that you can recommend?

I have The Fish Philosophy (www.facebook.com/thefishphilosophy) from the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle posted on my office wall, and I share it with my team members. It has several parts, but for me the key is “Choose your attitude.” Attitude is everything.

Atma Sandler, Ponderosa Motor Inn, Golden:

What book/podcast/blog do you recommend?

I listen and watch daily national and international news.

Dawn Torgerson, Nutter’s Bulk & Natural Foods and Home Hardware Building Centre, Cranbrook:

Is there a book you’d recommend?

I think one of my favourite books is The Book of Negroes and it’s by a Canadian writer. It follows the life of a woman and she starts out in Africa. She writes down all the people’s names, where they come from and what happened to them. It follows her life and it was extremely interesting.

Rauni Naud, Naud Lester Insurance and Investment Solutions Inc., Castlegar:

What blog do you recommend?

The Sunlife website (www.sunlife.ca) is full of investment information.

Gina Medhurst, Kootenay Forge, Crawford Bay:

How do you stay current?

I was just looking at the spring trends magazine that gets sent to me. I do as much as I can to stay current. But . . . our regular clients know that when they order . . . it’s going to be similar to what they’ve ordered in the past. So we like to come up with some new designs and new ideas every year, but people know that they can save up and they can work their way to getting something in, say, two years. So as much as I can I like to get new styles in, but when it comes to staying current I think our market is different from a lot of other home decor markets.


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