East Kootenay Outdoor Specialist keeps it simple

Caleb Willems owns and operates East Kootenay Outdoor Specialist in Cranbrook, B.C.

Caleb Willems owns and operates East Kootenay Outdoor Specialist in Cranbrook, B.C. — Marie Milner photo

After 10 years of managing garden centres in Manitoba, Alberta and right here in Cranbrook, Caleb Willems has opened his own business, East Kootenay Outdoor Specialist. Instead of sharing his knowledge by talking people through how to do their landscaping or gardening or irrigation, Willems is now in his element, doing the work himself. His goal for his clients is “more garden, less gardening,” and he continues to educate people via his Facebook tutorials. “I like seeing people use the methods I talk about, and people tend to want more, so I’ll never run out of customers,” he said.

Marie Milner

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