Cranbrook loves to spin

Jack Caldwell and Sjanne Beattie opened Kootenay Life Cycle spin studio in October 2016.

Jack Caldwell and Sjanne Beattie opened Kootenay Life Cycle spin studio in October 2016. — Marie Milner photo

There’s a booming new business at Western Financial Place in Cranbrook. On October 7, Sjanne Beattie and Jack Caldwell opened Kootenay Life Cycle spin studio, running three or four spin classes every day. The studio has 25 stationary spin bikes available, and instructors lead the popular classes, accompanied by music with a driving beat. “Our classes are geared to all fitness levels,” said Beattie. “The tension on the bike is set by the individual, so it’s up to them how much effort they put into the class. Listen to your body first, then the instructor.”

Marie Milner

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