New HVAC company – Valhalla Refrigeration now operating in West Kootenay

Valhalla Refrigeration services the entire West Kootenay region, including the Arrow Lakes area.

Ryan Burton, owner and operator of Valhalla Refrigeration based in Castlegar.

Ryan Burton, owner and operator of Valhalla Refrigeration based in Castlegar. — Photo courtesy Valhalla Refrigeration

There is a new HVAC and Refrigeration service company based out of Castlegar operating throughout the West Kootenay called Valhalla Refrigeration. It is owned and operated by Ryan Burton and serves the entire area including the Arrow Lake region up around Nakusp. 

According to Ryan Burton, “The new company’s mission statement and primary objective is to be considered as the authority for all residents of the region when it comes to advocacy and education within this industry. We have identified a need for this due to the large amount of misinformation and disinformation that exists among the technologies we specialize in. As well as being a resource for anyone and everyone who is able to get access to our website and our Facebook page, we are proud to be a York dealer that provides premium HVAC equipment with exceptional warranties. The things that set us apart from the competition is our presentation and professionalism as seen in the images of our uniforms and our work vehicles which you can also see on our website. Our recent radio ad on Easy Rock states that we answer the phone when you call and we show up when we say we will which is something we are so proud to be able to do.”

Ryan Burton adds, “As well, we are proud to have a five star rating on Facebook and our customer reviews are completely humbling with respect to what people have to say about us. I have recently posted a video interview on our Facebook with one of our customers. The last thing I would like to add is that our new initiative is providing HVAC winter tips on our Facebook page and the posts have had tremendous feedback and response. For example, this week’s area of focus is dedicated to heat pumps and I encourage you to check it all out. If there’s anything else I can provide to contribute to any kind of an article or blog post regarding our company I would make myself available at your earliest convenience.”

Valhalla Refrigeration’s slogan is — Knowledge you can use, Service you can trust. Visit their website at

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