Kootenay Rockies Tourism launches an innovative tag program

Poster for the TAG program

Kootenay Rockies Tourism has launched an innovative Tag Program destined to revolutionize the way visitors experience the Kootenay Rockies region. The Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) is the first in North America to incorporate High Capacity Colour Barcode (HCCB) technology into its entire range of activities. Engagement with visitors from the earliest stages of awareness of the region, through planning and decision making, to the actual touring and adventure experiences will be directed through a variety of KootenayTags.

“Tactical application of the new HCCB technology will allow our customers to virtually engage with us, at their discretion, at any time prior to and during their vacation. They will enhance their vacation experience, on their terms, simply by scanning KootenayTags with their mobile device,” said Chris Dadson, president of Kootenay Rockies Tourism. “Our Kootenay Tags will provide instant enlightenment to the visitor or resident, specific to their interests and/or their GPS location. The tags will be ubiquitous throughout the region and in our promotional messages. Kootenay Tags will be accessible at our partners' places of business, our heritage sites, along our circle routes and in every community in the region. History, events, product specifics, menus, accommodation reservations, video presentations, directions, testimonials, purchasing and even Facebook pages will be just a scan away. We are making a leap to the future.”

The inaugural venture of the innovative Tag Program is a component of the Kootenay Rockies Hot Springs, Spas and Wellness Vacations campaign. The KootenayTag featured on the new brochure scans to a lure video embedded in the regionʼs mobile website, www.KootenayRockies.mobi. Scans to location-based GPS listings for specific wellness products and vacation specials will be unveiled as the campaign progresses.

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