Auto repair shop takes old-fashioned approach with “treat your customers right” motto

Tim and Lydia Strelieff’s Columbia Auto & Radiator Service (CARS) is a busy family-owned automotive shop, located in Castlegar

Front of Columbia Auto & Radiator Service in Castlegar.

Columbia Auto & Radiator Service is a busy family-owned automotive shop in Castlegar. — Keith Powell photo

Located on Castlegar’s busy Columbia Avenue, Tim and Lydia Strelieff’s Columbia Auto & Radiator Service (CARS) is a busy family-owned automotive shop. When spring arrives Tim and his staff are kept busy helping auto owners get their vehicles ready for the hectic summer driving season.

Head technician Brandon Black, Tim’s son-in-law, heads up the company’s Powerstroke Diesel division, providing diesel service and repairs as well as performance speciality diesel products, which goes hand-in-hand with running the mechanical repair side of business and CARS’ Ford product specialty shop.

Columbia Auto & Radiator Service (CARS) specializes in automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, powerstroke diesels, Ford speciality products, brakes, suspensions, gears and drive lines, steering, tires, axles, oil changes, radiator repairs and more.

Columbia Auto & Radiator Service employs General Motors (GM) and Ford OEM (original equipment manufacturer)-certified technicians.

From tires, brakes and batteries to full in-depth diagnostics—trust the experienced, knowledgeable, certified technicians at Columbia Auto & Radiator Service (CARS).

“We want to treat the customer right,” said Brandon Black, in a local newspaper interview. “We’re not about turning over quantity, we’re not about cranking out big numbers. We just want quality work. Something we can put our name behind. We want to control the quality. We want to be a good, old-fashioned automotive shop that treats people fair.”

Tim, Lydia and Brandon of Castlegar’s Columbia Auto & Radiator Service (CARS) are proud to run a good, old-fashioned automotive shop that has strong family roots you can trust and depend on for reliable and honest service.

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