Words of wisdom from a successful entrepreneur

Terry Lind is the owner of Entek Painting and Decking in Fruitvale


Looking to upgrade your existing deck? Need some painting, home maintenance or repairs done around the house? Check out Entek Painting and Decking in Fruitvale, B.C. This company was founded by the late Manfred Steimecke in 1990, the same year Terry Lind came onboard. Lind began his new career in the painting trade under Steimecke’s wing, resulting in a new career which has skyrocketed with success. 

Lind took over sole ownership of Entek Painting and Decking in 1995 and is currently celebrating over 20 years in business. The company specializes in patio, deck and roof deck projects for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

The sky’s the limit

Lind enjoys being an entrepreneur.

“I plan my own hours and schedule; there is a great deal of flexibility,” said Lind. “I thrive on being my own boss, maintaining full accountability for every decision and outcome. Being an entrepreneur means the sky's the limit.”

Steimecke’s passing in 1998 left a legacy of hard work and words of wisdom for Lind.

“Can’t is not a word,” Steimecke often said. “You can do anything you want to do.”

Run the race to win

Every business endures difficulties through recessions, economic downturns and financial struggles. Lind offers advice to all upcoming entrepreneurs or those who are considering managing their own business.

“Exert patience, determination and self-motivation when striving for the best when serving every consumer,” said Lind. “Perform every job as though it were your own.”

Lind said that no matter what circumstances arise, entrepreneurs must look beyond the present and continue to work hard.

"Keep your focus on the prize—press through and push yourself toward the vision you hold. Never give up."

Find your fit

Success comes when there is a healthy balance between being an entrepreneur and supporting your family. Family is Lind's number-one priority. He carries on the traditions, ethics and values instilled in him by his parents, Ken and Norma Lind.

“There are two kinds of people in this world,” said Lind. “Those who are employers and those who are employees.” The main question to ask yourself is which category do you fit into?

The birth of his son Daniel in 1991 inspired Lind to beome a better person.

"I tell my son Daniel, 'Do not look at your failures to determine your successes,'” said Lind. “'Learn from your mistakes.' I am proud to have the opportunity to teach my son the values I uphold. I trust Daniel and, together as a team, the business runs more productively overall.”

Aiming to be the industry leader

Lind performs every job to the highest degree while exercising due diligence.

“I do not leave any job without knowing it is 110 per cent finished,” said Lind.

Word of mouth is the biggest method of promoting his business. His goal is to finish every job to a standard of excellence in a timely manner and he uses only top-of-the-line products. In this specialized trade, one important aspect he supports are the warranty guarantees. He encourages all consumers to view Global Dec-k-ing Systems for all decking requirements.

Success is yours to achieve

Lind said he believes two of the greatest challenges in life are maintaining a healthy, strong marriage and raising a family.

“Playing a significant role in my family will take precedence over everything else,” said Lind. “The most important factor in my life is my family. The dedication and devotion it takes to operate a successful business is only possible after I see success in my own wife and children.

“I never look back, I work harder than ever because my family are all inspirations to me,” Lind said.

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