Built Green certification means energy efficiency combined with locally-sourced, healthy materials

Ellenwood Homes in Nelson provides new home construction, interior design and custom renovations


Marc Brillon and Lara Ellenwood, a husband and wife team, are proud owners of Ellenwood Homes in Nelson, B.C. Ellenwood Homes is a full service general contracting company. Brillon oversees construction and Ellenwood oversees design.

New home construction, interior design and renovations are services offered with an emphasis on environmentally safe practices and sustainability.

Serving the Kootenay region

“Our quality craftsmanship and commitment to client satisfaction make each project a success,” said Ellenwood, a registered interior designer.

She said the guiding principles of their business are based on constructing  distinctive, inviting and well-built homes.

“We guide our clients through the many design and construction options, then analyze the costs and benefits," Ellenwood said. "Once details are finalized, their cost projections allow for accurate financial planning. Each project also maintains a strong respect for timelines and budgets.”

Advantages for your pocketbook

Built Green Canada certification focuses on resource-efficient homes. Lower operating costs save you money. Some features focus on conserving natural resources, others on energy efficiency, indoor air quality or water quality.

Ellenwood said that environmentally responsible homes create temperature stability, bringing a greater level of comfort to your home. Installing proper ventilation systems reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and a resource-efficient home means less impact on the environment.

“Ellenwood Homes offers Built Green certification to those who want measured levels of energy efficiency and healthy finishes,” said Ellenwood.

Constructing durable homes is important to Ellenwood Homes. Durable homes are built to last for over 100 years ensuring your home remains in top quality condition upon reselling. 

Striving for higher and better results

Ellenwood Homes provides structural insulated panel installations and energy retrofit services. Brillon and Ellenwood have established close networks with local businesses. Partnering together supports the local economy and reduces shipping costs.

“By striving to continuously improve our practices, we produce good results for both our clients and the environment,” said Ellenwood. 

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