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Information for business in the Creston Valley, B.C., including contacts, award winners and listings.

Canyon Street in downtown Creston is an important part of the region.

Canyon Street in downtown Creston is an important part of the region. — Brendan Mitchell photo

Community Pulse Population5,306 (in town), 15,000 in trading area. Number of businesses480 in 2008 Supporting industriesAgriculture, Farming, Manufacturing, Brewing, Forestry, Tourism

With its pleasant climate, the Creston Valley is a notable fruit-growing and agricultural area in the Kootenays. Surrounded by the Purcell and Selkirk mountains, the town of Creston is popular with tourists and retirees while also providing a small-town atmosphere and outdoor opportunities for families and young people who call the area home.

Creston Chamber of Commerce

Creston's chamber is dedicated to the prosperity of local businesses.

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City of Creston

The Town of Creston holds council meetings on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Town hall is located at 238-10th Avenue North.

Current council

  • Ron Toyota, Mayor
  • Kevin Boehmer
  • Karen Unruh
  • Jim Elford
  • Jen Comer
  • Joe Snopek
  • Joanna Wilson

Town contact:

One-on-one with the Mayor

Flowering trees enhance the curb appeal of Creston Town Hall.

Supporting the vision for a more prosperous, inclusive, responsible community is a big job, and the community of Creston is on it.

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Creston branding and tourism

Creston has undergone in-depth tourism branding, and the result is a cohesive campaign aptly termed the "Growing Together" brand. The aim is to promote Creston's rich agricultural heritage, and the laid-back lifestyle that makes this community such a wonderful place to live and visit.

Top employers

Every year Kootenay Business lists of Top 110 employers in the Kootenays. In addition to forestry and industry, agriculture is an important part of job creation in Creston independent farmers and small-scale operations.

  • Columbia Brewery, Labatt (143)
  • J.H. Huscroft Ltd. (78)
  • Creston & District Credit Union (24)

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