Rockwool is a friend to its neighbours in need

Rockwool is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with flood-affected homeowners in the Boundary area, helping to rebuild

A Rockwool employee stands in the bed of a red Rockwool pickup truck, handing a bag of insulation to a Boundary region homeowner

Rockwool is donating $200,000 worth of insulation to help Boundary region homeowners rebuild after the May 2018 flooding. — Photo courtesy Rockwool

The biggest employer in Grand Forks is reaching out to the community in the aftermath of the flooding that did so much damage to the area. A Rockwool press release dated July 10 opened with the following statement:

"Rockwool announced today that they are working with the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary and the City of Grand Forks to ensure registered residential flood victims in the City of Grand Forks, rural Grand Forks (Area D), and Christina Lake (Area C) are able to receive up to 20 bags of free insulation."

“We’re fortunate to be part of such an incredible community,” said Leslie McLaren, North American manager, Corporate Communications & Stakeholder Relations, for Rockwool. “Rockwool has been here for almost two decades, and it’s been inspiring to watch as the community has come together at this time of adversity.”

Thanks to support from the City of Grand Forks and the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary, homeowners will each be able to quickly access up to 20 bags of free insulation to help them as they rebuild their homes.

“The City and Regional District are aiding us in the administration of this program,” McLaren said. “They are expediting the process and the building permits that are needed by the homeowners, and I want to say a big ‘Thanks!’ to them. Without their help we wouldn’t be able to do this.”

Rockwool itself has made generous donations to the local food bank and the Red Cross, and its individual employees across North America took things a step further at the time of the flooding. Through payroll deductions, they sent their own support to food banks and the Red Cross in the Boundary region—a heartwarming demonstration of neighbours helping neighbours.

For details about Rockwool’s donated insulation, see the press release or visit the company’s website.

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