Is your business one of the Top 100 Kootenay Employers?

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Is your business or organization one of Top 100 Kootenay Employers? — Image courtesy KootenayBiz

The Kootenay region has a diverse economic base. According to the British Columbia 2022 Labour Market Outlook, the largest industries by employment numbers are in retail and wholesale trade, health care, construction, forestry, fishing, mining, oil and gas. Demand for workers in the region is expected to grow marginally, with the greatest expansion expected in the health care and education sectors. A thriving tech sector continues to attract people to the area with its combination of small-town living and accessibility to innovative and cutting-edge technology that is often found only in larger centres.

As we do every year, our team here at KootenayBiz puts together an annual list of the Top 100 Kootenay Employers. This list is extremely popular with our readers year after year. Given that getting and keeping skilled employees is a top priority for successful businesses, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your company to potential new hires.

If your business or organization has more than 40 employees, we invite you to fill out the following form with your business information.


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