The Golden RCMP detachment has a much-needed new home

In October 2012, the Golden RCMP moved into its new $5.3-million building, which will help them better serve their community


Members of the Golden RCMP are loving their new digs. The detachment in Golden, B.C., moved into the new building in October and the members couldn't be happier with the much-needed extra space.

The Golden detachment's old headquarters was built in 1977 and over the years, the group had outgrown it. The space in the old building was insufficient for the RCMP to properly respond to the needs of the bustling town of Golden and the growth of the surrounding area.

The $5.3-million construction contract was awarded to Greyback Construction of Penticton, B.C. The new building includes offices, meeting rooms, special-purpose spaces and about 50 parking spots.

A better work environment

Sergeant Troy Durand has been in Golden for just over four years but has been with the RCMP for almost 21 years. This is Durand's seventh posting and his first detachment command.

"We moved in the week of October 15 and it's great," said Durand. "We outgrew the original building many years ago, to the point where one of the garage bays was retrofitted to be a traffic unit—so there were desks and computers in there. Basically, I would venture to say the new office is double the size of the old one. We fit a lot more comfortably and there's room for growth, so we're quite happy."

Durand believes the new building will definitely help the Golden RCMP better serve its community.

"The building is much more inviting and we can actually bring people in here now and are not scared to show them the building," Durand said. "The old building was extremely cluttered and I think just being in this new building is boosting morale. They're not all sharing two desks anymore. In the old detachment, we had eight members sharing two desks. Now, everyone has their own individual work stall. The work getting done is a lot better, which I think bodes well for the community."

The staff of about 25 work hard to cover a large area—from the Alberta border up to the Roger's Pass summit and down to Highway 95. The members also work extremely hard in both their policing efforts and outreach programs.

Going above and beyond

Durand said there is one member at the Golden detachment who does the Cops for Kids bicycle ride every year. The Cops for Kids are dedicated RCMP members and support people of the RCMP South East District who are committed to assisting children in medical, physical or traumatic crises within the Southern Interior Region of British Columbia. The group's signature event, the Cops for Kids Ride, gives members the opportunity to not only showcase their generous sponsors but raise awareness and much-needed funds to continue to assist children in crisis. This gruelling 10-day ride occurs each September.

"Our member that does the Cops for Kids Ride every year has brought in over $24,000 to support the kids in our community with stuff like iPads and other things to assist them with their disabilities," said Durand. "To bring $24,000 into a community of this size is incredible."

A proud force

Every detachment in B.C. needs to accomplish certain policing initiatives. The Golden RCMP detachment focuses on impaired driving, and drugs and alcohol as well as on creating a better community and being more visible within the community it serves. Durand said the detachment continues to meet its objectives and exceed its goals.

When it comes to getting impaired drivers off the road, the Golden RCMP know what they're doing. Last year, they had members qualify for Alexa's Team, and this year three or four will probably make it back. Alexa's Team was created by the family of a little girl who was killed by an impaired driver. To become a part of this team, officers have to successfully lay 10 impaired driving charges over the course of the year. This is quite a significant goal.

The Golden RCMP also strive to work on their drug dealers and prolific offenders. Every year, Durand said, they identify a number of prolific offenders that they keep a close watch on; they stay on top of them and make sure they are abiding by the law.

With everything going on at the detachment, the members are certainly grateful to be able to work in a much-improved environment.

The new building was constructed between August 2011 and September 2012 and is located in the west end of Golden on a property acquired from the local school board by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC).

Karen Kornelsen

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