X-ray vision now used in pest control

Cranbrook Pest Control gets environmentally friendly with cutting-edge technology

by Dan Williams
Photo of Cornelius Murphy

Cornelius Murphy, owner of Cranbrook Pest Control, aims the diagnostic thermal-imaging camera at a home. — Dan Williams photo

Cornelius Murphy, owner and operator of Cranbrook Pest Control in Cranbrook, B.C., has added a new tool in the fight against pests—in the form of a diagnostic thermal-imaging device that is used to assess buldings.

“We are the first ones in Canada to use this tool for pest control,” Murphy said.

Pest control goes high-tech

This is a new, environmentally friendly approach to crawling and flying critters and little, furry, four-legged ones. Instead of a person spraying pesticides or chemicals year after year, this tool will help to solve the problem by detecting moisture, air leakage and other problems that may attract the unwanted insects and rodents, said Murphy.

The infrared thermal-imaging camera can see through walls and other areas that are hidden or difficult to see with the naked eye. In the past, a pest problem would be temporarily controlled with pesticides sprayed and spread over a large area; this resulted in a short-term solution without tackling the source. This new device allows Murphy and his team to pinpoint exactly where the problem is and offer solutions to permanently solve the infestation.

Changing the industry, changing attitudes

Cranbrook Pest Control has served the East and West Kootenay regions for the last 12 years; the company is registered with the Better Business Bureau and is also Quality Pro approved.

“The industry is changing . . . everyone is concerned about pesticides,” Murphy said. “I can see the temperature of an ant inside the wall—so I’m finding the nest. I’m not spraying way over on the other side of a house to get the problem here (inside the wall).”

Murphy said that his staff are not exterminators.

“We do integrated pest management—we find out why (the pests) are there,” he said.


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