Slocan: Who’s who in business

Business in the village of Slocan: Take a look at the top entrepreneurs and initiatives from this West Kootenay community.

Slocan Lake, BC

Slocan Lake is a wonder to behold, as many Kootenay residents and visitors have discovered. — Photo courtesy Brian Uhreen/Flickr Creative Commons

Community Pulse Population350 Supporting industriesTourism

City of Slocan

The village of Slocan is quaint and charming, and it has a wealth of B.C. beauty all around it. There are ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, with scenic campgrounds, hiking trails and waterways to explore. There are also plenty of attractions for those who love to know more about heritage, given the area's rich yet tumultous history. What a perfect place to do business in the Kootenays!

The Village of Slocan

  • Mayor Jessica Lunn
  • Councillor Madeleine Perriere
  • Councillor Ezra Buller
  • Councillor Burly Van Bynen
  • Councillor Joel Pelletier

Town contact:

Michelle Gordon, City Admin: 250-355-2277


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