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Phil has demonstrated great business acumen by building a small business from scratch into a turnkey operation. Phils’ expert knowledge of business has laid the perfect foundation for his coaching practice. He now helps entrepreneurs build and grow their own enterprises, from improving their bottom line to building strong brands. Ultimately, this enables the business owner to Live Life on Their Terms, using their business as a tool to achieve this goal.

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A Pomodoro timer sitting on a paper with writing on it.
Fernie, Education, Financial, Small Business, Kootenay Business Coach What’s your Mount Everest? Part 3

Scheduling daily tasks and then focusing on accomplishing them will keep up your productivity.

Phil Gadd, Business Coach.
Fernie, Education, Small Business, Kootenay Business Coach No. 1 tip for selling your product or service: Stop selling

You need to identify your target market and discover their number one pain point, the one that can be solved by purchasing your product or service.