Life Balance in Cranbrook promotes women’s fitness for every age

Cyndi Weltz discusses the journey of Life Balance, its impact, and future goals in addressing the health needs of local women

by Danielle Brost
Owner of Life Balance with two other ladies accepting chamber of commerce awards

Cyndi Weltz is proud of her business accomplishments. — Photo courtesy of Life Balance

Cyndi Weltz, the founder of Life Balance in Cranbrook, has created a space where women of all ages can prioritize their fitness and well-being. From its inception in May 2021 to its current level of success (Weltz was recently honoured with the Age Friendly Business of the Year award), Life Balance has been fostering a supportive environment for its members.

We had a conversation with Weltz about some of the challenges faced, the ethos behind Life Balance's empowering atmosphere, and future aspirations aimed at expanding its impact on women's health and fitness in the community.

- Photo courtesy of Life Balance

What led you to start Life Balance, and when did you officially open?

I had previously owned a women’s gym here in Cranbrook. Partially due to COVID, I decided to change it up and re-brand with Life Balance. There is a huge need in this area for a space women of all ages can feel comfortable exercising in. We officially opened the doors in this new location May 2021. Our present space is easier to access with no stairs, brighter and there’s parking right out front

Congrats on your award for Age Friendly Business of the Year! What does this win mean to you?

Thank you! We were very happy to have passed all the requirements to meet this designation in the spring by the Age Friendly committee but more so to have been publicly recognized for something we have strived to support over the years. The Cranbrook Chamber is a great support and resource for the local small business community.

- Photo courtesy of Life Balance

What has been your most difficult obstacle to overcome so far?

Most definitely the arrival of COVID and changing locations during those two years. We have tried every way of advertising to alert the community we are here and what we offer, however it is not uncommon to hear someone say “I didn’t know you were even here.” 

How does Life Balance stay informed about the latest trends, research, and innovations in women's fitness?

My manager Kim Roelofs is a certified personal trainer through Canfit and takes new training to stay up to date with new classes and techniques. The Ageless Now classes we are offering are from this training.

- Photo courtesy of Life Balance

How do you create an empowering atmosphere for women of all ages at Life Balance?

We are a “family” environment celebrating workout goals and achievements with every member. The member is acknowledged when they arrive, supported and encouraged during and celebrated after they are done with their workout. We modify the person’s moves or machine if needed for different fitness levels or injuries present or past. We do not focus on their weight but on flexibility, balance, movement, and mental health and wellbeing.

Are there partnerships or collaborations with other businesses or organizations that have contributed to the success and growth of Life Balance? 

We do a food bank drive every year where members have been very giving with non-perishables. We have yoga teachers offering classes weekly during our closed time in the afternoon and have been approved for the dragon boat team to get ready for their summer of rowing. Their stationary rower is now a resident in the gym. We are also partnering with Western Financial Place at the end of January, offering classes in the senior programming twice weekly (Ageless Now and Sit Fit & Flex).

- Photo courtesy of Life Balance

What would you consider a must-try fitness class or program at Life Balance for women looking to kickstart their health and wellness journey?

Most definitely the Ageless Now classes –you will walk away with necessary techniques to keep your body flexible and strong with decreased pain. It’s a wonderful feeling to get up off the floor on your own.

The pelvic floor and balance classes are also very successful and beneficial. Both members and non-members can sign up.

Can you share any future aspirations or goals for Life Balance, especially in terms of expanding its impact on women's health and fitness?

We definitely want to grow our membership, and when we do, our hours will be able to expand. (We want to offer) pole walking to both members and non-members and fall prevention classes.

I’m planning to have the local physiotherapists come to see our equipment and what we offer. Our equipment is safe to use pre- and post-hip/knee replacement, (as it incorporates) controlled movements, which are very beneficial to the healing process.

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