Selkirk College responds to need in Tech Sector with new program

The eight-month Web Development Program launches in September 2019 and will be based in Nelson

Students lined up in front of computers.

Starting in September 2019, those looking for a career in the tech industry will now have the opportunity to get the skills and education required in Selkirk College’s new Web Development Program. — Photo courtesy Selkirk College

Starting this September, learners looking to advance their knowledge and skills can be part of the first cohort of the new Web Development Program. Based out of Nelson's Tenth Street Campus, the program sets graduates up for success in the booming tech sector.

Employment opportunities in today’s digital environment are abundant and a new Selkirk College program aims to prepare learners for a rewarding career vital in the foundation of tech.

The eight-month Web Development Program launches in September 2019 where students will be provided the tools to enter a field where demand is high. The certificate program gives graduates the skills and knowledge required to start a career as a full stack web application developer.

“This program is a direct response to what is happening in the tech industry right now,” says Selkirk College Vice President of Education Rhys Andrews. “In our region and beyond, companies are looking for a specific skillset that will help both the front-end and back-end of web development. Over the last year, we have sought input from a tech advisory group that has helped us create a responsive program to help serve that need.”

Students will learn coding skills and agile web development business practices that can be applied to solve real-world problems and support organizations to meet the demands of the ever-changing digital landscape. Over a series of ten courses, students will present, implement and maintain emerging web-based technologies. With an emphasis on learning by doing, students will solve problems individually and collaboratively.

Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to control how content looks on the front end, students will delve into developing server-side applications, servers and databases that drive the back end. Learners will emerge with the ability to write lean, elegant and efficient loading code, follow best practices when using web-based technologies, and install, configure, secure and maintain web-based environments.

Student working on a computer.

The new Web Development Program will be based out of Nelson's Tenth Street Campus. — Photo courtesy Selkirk College

Local Companies Looking for Suitable Candidates

Bradley Higham is a Winlaw resident and founder of Collabo, an internet marketing company dedicated to improving the bottom line for clients. Like many tech leaders in the region, he is looking forward the program helping broaden the tech talent in the region and providing continued growth for what is becoming a vital sector of the economy.

“It’s been challenging to find qualified individuals locally, which has forced us to hire outside the region. Many youth in the Kootenays would love the chance to work close to home, but feel limited in their employment options,” says Higham. “This new program will give students the knowledge and skills required to work in this industry and will go a long way in helping companies like ours find suitable candidates into the future. The tech sector in our region continues to grow exponentially and we are excited about what Selkirk College is doing to help address the need.”

The new program builds off some of the skills that have been provided to learners in the former Digital Arts & New Media Program based out of Nelson’s Tenth Street Campus. That two-year diploma program has now been modified to focus even more on the creative design process in the digital media industry and is now known as the Digital Arts Program.

The new Web Development Program takes the computer programming side of the industry to a more expanded level. Students entering the logic-based and highly technical program should already possess strong computer skills and problem solving skills. The intense and fast-paced program is meant to simulate the workplace environment where adapting to new technologies is a constant.

“This program allows students in both the Digital Arts Program and Web Development Program to put added emphasis on different areas of the tech sector,” says Daryl Jolly, the Chair of Selkirk College’s School of the Arts. “The graduates that emerge from both programs will be provided a career-ready education that will provide an array of possibilities in many different areas of web technology and creativity.”

Applications are now being accepted for the Web Development Program which will welcome its first cohort to the Tenth Street Campus in Nelson starting in September 2019.

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