Grants available for grassland and rangeland projects

photo of fence line

Apply now and get support to build fences, install cattle guards, rehabilitate riparian areas and do other improvements on Crown land.

(Columbia Basin) – Ranchers and individuals with Crown range tenures, environmental groups and non-profit societies are encouraged to apply for funding to improve and enhance grasslands and rangelands. Ranchers, for example, can use the support to build fences, install cattle guards and do other improvements on Crown land—activities that permit better livestock management practices and therefore result in better stewardship of rangelands.

“As a rancher, I have found that the funds available through the program provide an opportunity to address some long-standing issues and to improve my ability to manage my livestock on Crown range,” said Basin rancher Jordy Thibeault.

Since April 2014, 27 projects have received over $235,000, plus applicant-sourced contributions like volunteer labour, donated equipment and additional funding. Through these projects, recipients have worked to control weeds, rehabilitate damaged riparian areas, protect critical habitats and develop an educational program to help schoolchildren better understand the importance of these areas.

“Grassland and rangeland ecosystems are a very diverse and fragile part of the Basin environment, and are under constant pressure from a variety of sources,” said Rick Allen, Columbia Basin Trust Program Manager, Environment. “This program helps Basin residents take active roles in promoting stewardship of this valuable resource.”

Applications are accepted throughout the year. For more information or to apply, contact Steve Byford, Program Coordinator, at 1.250.426.4315 or [email protected]. Learn more at
The program is delivered by the Kootenay Livestock Association.

Columbia Basin Trust supports efforts to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to the residents of the Columbia Basin. To learn more about the Trust’s programs and initiatives, visit or call 1.800.505.8998.

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