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Looking for a new cell phone or device repair in Nelson, B.C.? SK Electronics does it all

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Shop SK Electronics for cell phones, repairs, radio equipment, stereo systems and more from top brands such as Apple and Samsung

Discover top-tier cell phones and expert repairs at SK Electronics in Nelson, B.C. Since 1967, this family-owned shop has been a cornerstone in meeting the communications needs of the West Kootenay region.

Specializing in Apple and Samsung devices, SK Electronics offers full after-sales service in a central location. As authorized Telus dealers, they also provide satellite phones, Icom, Globalstar, and Sirius products. Be sure to explore their extensive inventory of wholesale and retail electronic parts, catering to both hobbyists and industry professionals. As an authorized warranty and service depot, they can also handle repairs for cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

Trust their team of experts for on-site solutions or rely on their forwarding service to authorized depots for more complex issues. When dealing with this trusted local company, you can expect quality and reliability in every communication device and repair service.

Five-star customer reviews for SK Electronics in Nelson, B.C.:

“Picked up a new phone and case, loved the service. Best spot to get nearly anything fixed.”

~ Kerry, Google reviewer

“Love dealing with this store!!! Awesome staff. They are super pleasant and helpful, I always leave a happy customer.”

~ Alanna, Google reviewer

“We will continue to support this Nelson staple for years to come.”

~ Joel, Google reviewer

I need to buy a new cell phone near Nelson, B.C. Why should I choose SK Electronics?

SK Electronics is an authorized Telus dealer that stocks all of the latest and most popular devices. They pride themselves on their knowledgeable and friendly staff who all have at least seven years experience selling cell phones. With no commission sales and no added fees, their team can make sure you get the proper equipment for the best price without the pressure of up-selling things you don’t need. Shop from among the top brands, including Apple iPhones, Samsung and more.

SK Electronics can help you find the right device for a price that suits your budget. They also carry WeBoost and Smoothtalker cell boosters for use in areas with poor reception when communication and data are important.

What cell phone repairs are offered at SK Electronics?

The SK Electronics technicians are dedicated to keeping your downtime to a minimum. Not only do they work on cell phones, they also handle repairs for tablets and laptops.

Most people use technology on a daily basis, so common smartphone parts are kept in stock in order to repair issues promptly. Qualified technicians can ensure that your iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy repair will be done in a timely and professional manner. At SK Electronics they can repair nearly every type of mobile device damage, including shattered screens, water damage, charging and power issues on iPhones and iPads, as well as laptop power supplies and power issues.

Can SK Electronics fix a cell phone that got wet?

Possibly! Your best bet is to bring in your phone ASAP with the battery removed and uncharged to prevent the chance of corrosion destroying the circuitry. Although it's commonly used, rice does not appear to be a successful method of removing water from a cell phone.

What are some of the other products and services provided by SK Electronics?

SK Electronics provides a number of other products and services, such as:

  • Batteries
    Procell/alkaline, sealed lead acid, watch and camera, lithium, and NIMH rechargeable batteries
  • Chemicals
  • Super duster, cleaners and lubricators
  • Sirius and Globalstar satellite phones
    They carry Globalstar satellite phones and Sirius satellite radios to keep you connected off-grid at any time for must-have music or communication needs. Globalstar satellite phones are available for purchase with a rate plan or to rent for a weekend, weekly or monthly rate (please contact for reservations and pricing). They carry all current Sirius receivers and replacement parts.
  • Electronic parts and equipment
    TV cables and plates, telephone cables and plates, transistors, resistors, wires, capacitors, connectors, pelican cases, multimeters, miniature and projector bulbs, sirens, shrink tubing and speaker wire
  • Viper remote starters
    Experience unparalleled convenience with Viper remote starters. With the push of a button, Viper allows you to start your car from the comfort of your home, ensuring it's prepped and ready for the road ahead. Whether facing frigid temperatures in winter or scorching heat in summer, Viper's advanced technology puts climate control at your fingertips.
  • Iridium satellite phones and communicators
    Iridium satellite phones and communicators provide reliable and global connectivity, ensuring you stay connected in remote locations where traditional networks may falter. Iridium delivers seamless voice communication and data transfer, making it an indispensable tool for adventurers, emergency responders, and anyone in need of dependable communication beyond the reach of regular networks.

If it has to do with electronics or wiring, they probably carry it!

I need someone to install a stereo system in Nelson, B.C. Can SK Electronics help?

They provide professional installations for a variety of products from remote starters, VHF radios, car stereos, replacement speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. With their installers having combined experience of over 30 years, you can expect the job to be properly and carefully done with fair pricing.

Find the best deal on cellphones and device repairs: Shop SK Electronics in Nelson

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