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SupportWorks Facilitation

SupportWorks Facilitation specializes in workplace mediation

Rob Rolleman is the founder of SupportWorks Facilitation in Nelson, B.C.

Rob Rolleman is the founder of SupportWorks Facilitation in Nelson, B.C.Photo courtesy Rob Rolleman

Sooner is better; early intervention is key to a low-cost recovery

by Marie Milner

Ideal workplace relationships are positive, healthy and collaborative—the efficiency of a business depends on how well its personnel are working together. Breakdowns in workplace communications are painful and costly.

In most cases that breakdown is a long time coming and preventable. Mediation can be an early, low-level discussion that helps parties resolve issues before they become critical.

Rob Rolleman of SupportWorks Facilitation is a mediator, facilitator and trainer specializing in workplace conflict assessment, management and resolution. He said conflicts are often about interpersonal difficulties rather than broken rules. Conflicts about deep-seated values like dignity, fairness or respect may need to be handled with more sensitivity than simple policy infractions need.

Calling on a mediator is a way of handling a situation lying outside a given area of expertise—like calling on an interpreter for an unfamiliar language. The mediation process can preserve human resources, save money, lower stress, reduce litigation exposure and restore workplace positivity.

Rolleman also mediates in the area of child protection and works with families, mediating in the event of  divorce or separation.