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Forest Crowne, for the good life

Tyee Homes of Kimberley, B.C., builds homes to suit the needs and wishes of its clients.

Tyee Homes of Kimberley, B.C., builds homes to suit the needs and wishes of its clients. Photo courtesy Forest Crowne

Designed cottages and custom homes are available at Kimberley’s beautiful Forest Crowne development

by Marie Milner

The City of Kimberley and its surrounding area appeal to many people who want a simpler lifestyle, and Forest Crowne, situated five minutes south of Kimberley, is a quiet alpine oasis at the hub of a recreational paradise. 

If you like your recreational spaces more lightly populated than those in many other resort communities, Kimberley’s hiking and biking trails, ski runs and fishing spots are just where you want to be. If golf is your game, there are three championship courses within five kilometres of Forest Crowne: Bootleg Gap, Kimberley Golf Club and Trickle Creek. 

The eight models of Forest Crowne Cottages, built by Tyee Homes, appeal to a wide demographic. Whether you want a retirement home in Kimberley, are just starting a family or want to find a simple vacation home, there is a Forest Crowne Cottage that will suit your budget and specific needs. Check out Tyee Homes for sale for model specifications. 

Would you prefer something tailored just for you? There are still a few lots available in Phase 3, where you can buy a lot from just $89,000 and have Tyee Homes design and build your custom home through the Tyee Signature series. Or, for the best bang for your buck, select one of the many pre-designed models from the Tyee Adapt or Flex series. 

Imagine an exhilarating day in the alpine playground surrounding Kimberley, followed by refreshments or a meal of your favourite ethnic food in town. And imagine coming home to the peace of Forest Crowne, where the silhouettes of the homes reflect the slopes and peaks of its lovely mountain setting. Life can be so good.

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