A new way to tour Nakusp

Rosemary Hughes had a grand vision in mind when she started up Mountain Valley Farms

Rosemary Hughes in a carriage

Rosemary Hughes enjoys showing visitors around the community.

Photo courtesy Rosemary Hughes

The picturesque town of Nakusp creates an ideal atmosphere for a horse-drawn carriage ride. Rosemary Hughes had just such a vision in mind when she started up Mountain Valley Farms, a business that offers historical and pleasure tours around the area

The perfect team

“It took a long time to find the proper combination of horse and carriage,” said Hughes. “It took about a year and a half of research. I did the Start Smart program through Community Futures and I started on July 1 with the Canada Day parade. I’ve actually had the horses and carriage and wagon for two years.”

The company’s carriage and wagon are pulled by a team of two Clydesdales—Terry and Yankee—both of whom are well-suited to working life.

“They came from Osoyoos and they were already…very well trained,” said Hughes. “Nothing fazes them—semis, motorbikes, dogs—they are very calm and gentle. They love people!”

Choose your tour

Mountain Valley Farms offers different services to meet the needs of customers.

“What we do is we offer tours in Nakusp with the carriage, and we offer a historical tour as well as pleasure,” said Hughes, “and with the wagon we do backcountry either to Box Lake or Summit Lake, so you can pack up your family and a picnic lunch and go through the backcountry. We do weddings as well, because the carriage is a vis-a-vis carriage (in which two people sit face to face) and it’s quite beautiful for weddings.”

One thing is for certain—Rosemary Hughes has a passion for her work and for the community. This is evident by the hard work she put into the research, and it was apparent in her voice when she talked about her business.

“It’s a wonderful thing, the history of Nakusp,” said Hughes. “I love sharing our town with people because it’s a beautiful area and it’s got a very rich heritage as well. I just love doing it.”

To reserve a wagon or carriage tour, call 250-265-8265.

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