William Trowell

The accolades are piling up for Selkirk Security Services Ltd. of Trail, B.C.

William Trowell, shown here with his wife and son, is the owner of Selkirk Security Services Ltd., in Trail, B.C.

William Trowell, shown here with his wife and son, is the owner of Selkirk Security Services Ltd., in Trail, B.C. — Photo courtesy William Trowell

Since William Trowell opened Selkirk Security Services Ltd. in 2006, the company has been recognized every year with a Kootenay Business magazine Best of Business award for security services. The addition of fire and safety services and a retail electronics store has resulted in further Best of Business awards.

Racking up more accolades, Selkirk Security received the first ever Professional Services Business Excellence Award from the Trail & District Chamber of Commerce in 2015, followed by the chamber’s Employer of the Year Awards in 2016 and 2017. It’s not surprising, then, that Trowell has been selected by Kootenay Business magazine to be on its list of Top 10 businesses for 2018.

What are a couple of accomplishments you’re most proud of?

Our constant growth and expansion into fire and safety, purchase of our new building and opening the retail store have been proud moments. But overall as owner and founder of the company I am proud of Selkirk Security and my employees. A simple thought I had over 11 years ago is now a thriving business employing 42 people and supporting many families.

What’s changed in your industry over the years and what hasn’t?

The security industry is constantly changing. And with these changes come newer products, services and training opportunities for my technicians. The guard department has to stay current with new laws and regulations. We are introducing new technology for the guards to utilize while on duty, including the installation of video cameras and GPS vehicle trackers on Selkirk Security patrol vehicles, and FLIR night vision equipment and personal GPS alert transmitters that utilize the HSPA/LTE network.

What do you think is the main thing your company is doing right?

Dedication to customer service.

What personal trait do you consider to be your greatest strength or asset?

As I have been in the security and law enforcement industry for 30 years now, my knowledge from technical to laws and regulations is my greatest strength and asset. As a licensed security technician, guard, BST instructor and security consultant, my knowledge allows me to help my technicians in the field with design, servicing and installations. I can assist the guards with my knowledge of laws, regulations and interfacing technology to provide a safer work environment for them. Finally, as a licensed security consultant, I am able to provide my knowledge to help my fellow citizens of the Kootenays.

What do you think is the key reason you were named Employer of the Year?

My team of dedicated managers and employees. My staff are my extended family. 

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